Company Founder

Nidona was founded by roboticist, artist and hacker Nick Donaldson, seen here at the RoboGames Competition with the prototype for his wildly successful Dave the Funky Monkey shoulder sitting monkey toy.

Nick has been building robots for over 17 years, specializing in mechanically complex walking robots. His range of hexapod robots has been featured in a variety of TV programs and has won a number of gold medals at RoboGames. Nick has won at least one gold medal at each year of the competition, amassing 47 medals including 19 gold to date.

Nick has worked on a variety of different robots, including DARPA funded research robots, consumer vacuuming robots, robotic toys, car commercials and large scale kinematic art projects.

With a background in mechanical design, Nick formed a software consulting company in the early 90's to work on building systems during the early days of the Internet. This combination of mechanical with software provides the ideal expertise for designing, building and programming robots.

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