Software Development Services
As a full service robotics development company, Nidona has full in-house software development capabilities, including high level algorithm development, control system architecure, implementation and administration and full Python and C++ development for ROS or a custom solution. We have in-depth experience interfacing a variety of motor control systems, sensors, cameras and networking components to Linux, and can work with you to determine exactly your needs.

Our Robot Simulator SDK allows for offline development of the robot control software, providing the ability to create and test new routines and behaviors in a fully virtualised robot system which runs from the same codebase as that used on the robot. If run on a laptop, the Robot Simulator fires up and shows how the robot will perform. If the same code is run on the robot, it runs the motors to move the robot through the same motion patterns. This allows for very fast and safe control system development, and gives the opportunity to write the robot control software before the robot is even built.

Shown above is the Robot Simulator SDK running a simulation of the Glider Robot. Each leg is independently modeled, showing the motion of each linkage and motor driver. If there is a bug in a behavioral routine, it will be visible in the simulator, giving an opportunity to fix the code before it is introduced into the live robot operating system.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about our software development services.